What is DPAc?

Discovery Partnerships with Academia (DPAc) is a novel approach to the discovery of new medicines through academic collaborations. We have built a team of experienced drug discovery scientists who are dedicated to creating and managing highly integrated collaborations between leading academic researchers and scientists within GSK.

Our mission is to work closely with academic researchers, creating new therapies that can improve the lives of people throughout the world. We work together to generate a joint research work plan that leverages our combined in-depth scientific knowledge, creativity and novel vision for a new medicine and that accesses all of the same of GSK capabilities and resources as internal drug discovery programs. DPAc then funds for success as we collaborate to achieve our scientific goals.

Since its inception in 2011, DPAc has formed more than twenty collaborations in Europe and North America. Projects have included both small molecule and biopharmaceutical projects for a broad range of diseases. There are many ways to work with the DPAc team, and we are open to ideas for most disease areas.

Meet the team