A true collaboration

Are you an academic researcher? Are you interested in transforming your innovative research into a medicine that impacts patient lives? Do you need access to drug discovery capabilities and expertise to make this happen? If so, working with Discovery Partnerships with Academia (DPAc) might be just what you need.

We are looking for projects with specific and testable hypotheses with the potential to deliver therapeutic benefits to patients with an unmet medical need. Your proposal can address almost any disease area and be based on either a small molecule or biopharmaceutical (protein) therapeutic modality. Once we mutually agree to undertake a project, we will work together hand-in-hand throughout the process, from early screening to late lead optimization.

To begin, contact us or submit a non-confidential outline of your proposal. We will evaluate your idea and provide specific feedback. If your proposal looks promising, we’ll enter into more detailed discussions that could lead to a collaboration agreement.

Once an agreement is in place, you and your team will work directly with a dedicated team of scientists from GSK, led by a member of DPAc. You will provide your critical biological and disease understanding. We will contribute the same drug discovery expertise, experience and resources as we deploy for internal projects. We each work within our respective laboratories while leveraging our joint skills and expertise.

This unique approach combines and plays to both of our strengths. We combine our ideas, target expertise and disease biology knowledge while leveraging GSK’s leading drug discovery capabilities.

Explore the benefits of DPAc

Large-scale protein production High-Throughput Screening: 2 million compounds Encoded Library Technology: >1 trillion compounds Biopharmdiscovery platforms Flexible, high-tech assay platforms Selectivity screening Medicinal chemistry and computational molecular design Biopharm affinity maturation Synthetic and analytical chemistry Toxicology, formulation PK/PD modeling DPAc Drug Development CapabilitiesExpertise and resources for small molecule and monoclonal antibody development